It's really hard to put in so many words about an artist who put in the passion that Clarence Clemons did when it comes to the gift of music he gave us.

Honestly The E Street band would have been totally different without  'The Big Man', saxophonist Clarence Clemons.

In fact, his whole life and career would have been different had he been able to pursue his dream of becoming a pro football player but due to an injury in college ball he found music and so glad he did.

Clarence had been playing bars out in Asbury Park, New Jersey when first met Bruce Springsteen in 1973. They became great personal friends and band mates until his passing in 2011.

The sound of his sax was no doubt a key element to the band's direction and I'd have to say his long solo on the song, "Jungleland" will definitely have you wanting more.

Aside from The E Street Band, Clarence has also recorded with 'The Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin and Jackson Browne.

Enjoy the attached video of 'The Big Man' performing, "Jungleland" from a show in Stockholm, Sweden 2009.