The Black Friday Edition of Record Store Day promises another batch of incredibly interesting and collectable vinyl. Ranging from full era catalogs from a single group like Cheap Trick, to new material like U2's 10 inch vinyl "Mandela" soundtrack title song.

Now in it's 3rd year, Record Store Day is a day not just to pick up special limited releases from your favorite artists, it's a chance to reconnect with a medium that in many ways is vastly superior to today's music delivery systems (mp3 AAC). On vinyl you hear a much more fuller, thicker sound, closer to a live performance than any digital track. Much of the sound architecture we hear on classic rock radio was developed, created and tweaked specifically for vinyl, because that was the listening experience at the time. Jimmy Page has even said he is remastering as much of Zeppelin's original tape catalog as he can to an extremely high HD format, because so much is lost in mp3 and AAC listening.


The phenomenon isn't restricted to the US. The vinyl revolution extends across the pond to England. This short film was recorded this past April on Record Store Day 2013. This Friday has the same excitement attached to it.