An "unnamed source" is saying that Richie Sambora didn't leave Bon Jovi willingly. Here's the "real" story.

According to this "unnamed source" Richie Sambora didn't leave to "take care of a personal matter" like he said on his Twitter account last week.

This "unnamed source" says that Richie was "forced out" on the suggestion of Jon Bon Jovi's wife, Dorthea. Apparently the group is trying to keep their latest tour drug and alcohol free and that "didn't fit with Richie's lifestyle." According to this "unnamed source" in the New York Post, Jon has been trying to "get rid of" Richie because he's drinking all the time and "has a stream of Hollywood bimbos around all the time."

According to TMZ, Jon and Richie are fighting over money and Richie's absence is not due to substance abuse.

So far, neither Jon nor Richie has commented on the situation.