War & Peace is the "project" put together by former Dokken bassist Jeff Pilson.   He's currently playing bass for Foreigner too so he's got some great connections in the music world.  He's recruited former Dio Drummer Vinny Appice and producer Neil Kernon for the release as well.

If you've never heard Pilson sing you are going to be amazed how much he sounds like Don Dokken, except much more powerful.  One wonders how much he really carried when Dokken performed live, but I digress.

"The Blood Sessions" is a nice piece of Classic Rock that's a mix between Dokken, Foreigner and Sammy Hagar solo material.  It has a modern sound but it's an old-school sounding release.

There's a solid mix of songs, from the more bluesy "Snake Eyes", the more Metal sounding "Kill For The Love Of God" to a song called "I Don't Want To Be Lonely" that sounds like it came out in 1982 Pop Rock album.

Pilson has a good hear for melody and hooks.  The production is rock solid too.  Hey, it's not going to win any awards for being over-creative, but that's not the point.  It sounds like an album from a few decades ago when artists wrote what they wanted without label direction.  It's a snapshot of Pilson's talents and fans of Dokken and melodic hard rock should love it.