As the Rolling Stones continue their tour, they're asking fans to refrain from requesting songs on social media. 

Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger took to his Twitter account and asked his fans what they wanted to hear when the Stones play Glastonbury this summer and it went terribly, terribly awry.

Mick realized how many people see those tweets and his account was flooded with requests from fans asking for everything from "don't play your hits" to "my girlfriend wants to hear Honky Tonk Woman....thanks". Mick says, "the kind of people who tweet about songs are not your general fan. Not everyone wants obscure songs." So, if you're planning on seeing the Stones, don't use Twitter to ask them to play anything.

The closest the band is coming, by the way is Chicago. They're playing three dates there on May 31, June 1 and June 3. If you were going to see the Rolling Stones, what songs would you want them to play? Would you want the hits and the album tracks, just the hits or just the deep tracks?