Earlier this week, I about had a bird because I heard that the Rolling Stones were going to retire, but I dug a little deeper and found out that is not the case. Today, I am rejoicing as I found out that the band is getting together to discuss their new album and tour. 

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Keith Richards says that he and the other band members are going to be meeting in London in July to discuss their 50th anniversary, a new album and an anniversary tour and Keith says he's on board for all of it.

Keith  says he'd "like to get a couple of shows down and see how it goes" and adds that he wants to get back into the studio so they can "get some tracks down and see what songs we've got." This comes on the heels of a few rehearsals earlier this spring that were filmed for a new Rolling Stones documentary chronicling their 50th anniversary. The documentary is due out this fall. As for the tour and the album? We have heard that both are being pushed off until next year.

If they do put out a record and tour, it would be their first since 2007.