It was a year ago this month I had the great pleasure of seeing Stone Temple Pilots at Roy Wilkins Auditorium.

It was the typical STP tour with the usual reports of Scott Weiland showing up drunk or high onstage, slurring lyrics, babbling on to the audience incoherently, etc.

In fact, the night before I saw them, he had actually fallen off the stage during a performance in Milwaukee.

Yep, I've said it before and I'll say it again: the guy is a natural born rock star.

And witness him when he's electrifyingly in the zone, and he's as good as any rock front man.

That's who I saw at Roy Wilkins that night.

One of the many standouts from the show were the Pilots covering David Bowie's "Jean Genie" (I'm also a huge fan of "The Thin White Duke"). That same tune is now featured on Weiland's new collection of covers, A Compilation Of Scott Weiland's Cover Songs.

He released it strictly as a digital download for through his website. The cost is $15.

I haven't downloaded it yet, but am very eager to hear his Stones, Beatles and Nirvana interpretations.

The track listing for Weiland's new covers set is:
1. "I Am The Resurrection" (Stone Roses)
2. "Personality Crisis" (New York Dolls)
3. "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle" (Nirvana)
4. "Let Down" (Radiohead)
5. "Into Your Arms" (The Lemonheads)
6. "Dead Flowers" (The Rolling Stones)
7. "Waiting For Superman" (The Flaming Lips)
8. "Revolution" (The Beatles)
9. "But Not Tonight" (Depeche Mode)
10. "Reel Around The Fountain" (The Smiths)
11. "Fame" (David Bowie)
12. "Jean Genie" (David Bowie)

Click below to hear him do Radiohead's "Let Down".