Join us at Parkwood Cinemas or listen to Sloan and Jenna this week for your chance to get on the VIP List for the 2-D World Premiere of Prisoners. When you get on the list, you and a friend will see the film for free.

Denis Villeneuve's Prisoners offers far more twists and turns than the average crime thriller involving a missing persons case as it follows two men investigating the disappearance of two young girls.

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Detective Loki, a local officer who has never been assigned a case he couldn't solve but who encounters many more hurdles while trying to find the missing girls. Hugh Jackman's Keller Dover, the father of one of the girls, is unhappy with how slow the police investigation is going, so he takes matters into his own hands, kidnapping the prime suspect (Paul Dano) and torturing him in hopes of getting him to provide the information he needs to save his daughter.