Sharon Osbourne revealed this week that she and Ozzy are living apart. So, will Sharon pull the plug on their relationship? 

I told you on Monday that Sharon Osbourne is living in a posh hotel while Ozzy was living in a rented house because Ozzy is using drugs and drinking again.

In a post on Ozzy’s Official Facebook Page, he told his fans that he had relapsed and was “an a-hole” to his family. He issued an apology and said that he was 44 days sober and regretted his behavior toward his friends, family, fans and bandmates. He says that he’s “trying to be a better person” and has now added that he and Sharon are “not divorcing.”

According to a TMZ insider, Sharon doesn’t want to end the marriage, she just wants Ozzy to get the message that she’s not going to put up with his drinking and using drugs.

So, when will she move back in?

The insider claims that Sharon said she wouldn’t let Ozzy back into her life until he has been sober for at least seven weeks. Why “seven weeks” I don’t know, but Sharon apparently needs to be convinced that Ozzy is “serious” about his sobriety and staying clean.

Black Sabbath, meanwhile, is setting out for a few tour dates down under and they won’t be back until May 7. After that, they head to Japan, so Sharon may get her wish.