ST. CLOUD -- A mother who is battling Leukemia and her two special need sons are getting a home remodel they have been waiting for.

Linda Becker who was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2013 has not been able to work to take care of the needs in her home. Linda applied for a home improvement loan through Tri-Cap. She didn’t expect getting anything back.

However instead of Tri-Cap giving Linda the loan they asked Linda if she would be interested in having Rebuild together come and take a look at her home. Rebuilding together is a national affiliate for the company Charter our Community Program. They got a hold of Linda’s application through Tri-Cap and worked with Tri-Cap in order to get Linda on board and ready to go.

When Linda first got the call from Tri-Cap she couldn’t believe it she thought it wasn’t true.

“I’m the Kind of person I’ll see it then I’ll believe it type of thing says Linda"

Linda was not the only one that had to see it to believe it. When she told her sons that they were getting their home redone her son Jonathan did not believe her.

“I kind of thought she was joking with me and then when I heard that it was actually for real I was like oh my gosh I can’t believe it says Jonathan"

As the Becker’s watch their home get remodeled Charter’s Senior Manager Communications Kimberly Noetzel has nothing but a smile on her face.

“They are so excited to have a safe accessible home and we are really excited to be here to help them with that” says Noetzel"

With a full day of work ahead of them Charter Communication, Rebuilding together and other volunteers started the project at 8:00 a.m. this morning and they are hoping it will be done today (Saturday).

Some of the work they have planned to do in the Becker’s home include removing the carpet in the living room and hall and replacing it with engineered flooring, Installing stack washer and dryer in the main floor, Replacing two broken bedroom doors, a closet door, front lock on front door, Installing non-slip treads on basement stairs, replacing broken basement windows, sorting and organizing homeowner items, making changes to the basement shower and water heater.

Kimberly says the reason Charter continues to do these projects are seeing the faces of a home owner when the project is complete.

"Charter Our Community is really excited to be here in St. Cloud. This is a community that is really important to us and we are really excited to be here in our local community. A place where we live and work to be able to bring a feeling of safety and community to this place"

For anyone that is interested in the program and what it does Kimberly says in order to be eligible a person will go through a screening process with Rebuilding together.

They typically look for people that are of lower income, a veteran, someone on disability and someone that isn’t quite able to make ends meet. So Charter our Community can come in and make the adjustments for the home owners.

As far as for the Becker’s all they can do for now is wait to see how their new home will look

Rebecca David, WJON