Even as Hurricane Irene churned closer towards the East Coast, hundreds of fans were in New York's Central Park this morning to hear rock and roll royalty -- Stevie Nicks.

Nicks is on tour with a new album, "In Your Dreams", her first album in a decade.  She appeared live on " Good Morning America" as part of their Summer Concert Series.

Fresh off her show at Mystic Lake Casino Wednesday night, she told GMA she didn't release an album for so long because of internet music file sharing.

"...ten years ago, I was really told by the industry that because of internet piracy, that it was really just kind of 'don't bother' to do a record.

"I did listen then, but I stopped listening about a year and a half ago."

And we're glad she did.

And Nicks and Fleetwood Mac could be hitting the road again.  Responding to an Associated Press report about Fleetwood Mac getting together again to make some beautiful music both on tour and maybe even a new album, Nicks said:

"It's always in the wings.  We who are in those kind of bands, those bands are always there -- and you never break up your band, that's not a good idea -- so you always have your band."

Let's hope her band makes its way to the Twin Cities again real soon.

Stevie Nicks Discusses Her New Album




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