Kate Upton GQ Magazine Cover Shoot Video
Kate Upton is gracing the cover of yet another magazine — GQ this time around. She’ll be showing off the goods in the July issue of GQ, and the mag was kind enough to take perverts readers behind the scenes of the cover shoot.
Maxim Magazine Hot 100

Every year Maxim Magazine publishes their list of the hottest 100 women, and it's that time of the year once again. Check out the babes who made the cut, plus a couple first time surprises.

Sorry Guys, Halle Berry is Back Off the Market
Every time Halle ends a marriage or relationship, I'm pretty sure men around the world breathe a sigh of relief. Not that most of them really have a chance with her, but it's just comforting to know there's a chance. Well guys, it's time to go back to holding your breath.
Hottest Women of 2012 (So Far)
If the Mayans are right, and this is the year the world ends, thankfully we’ll have the hottest women of 2012 to stare at while we disappear into oblivion. At least we’ll all die with smiles on our faces.
Even though the year is still young, this list of the hottest women of 2012 is sure to please — …

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