Crush of the Day

Lena Headey — Crush of the Day
What do you think it was like hitting on women in barbarian times? Our best hypothesis would be something to the effect of John Slattery’s reconfiguring of the National Anthem on ’30 Rock.’ It was probably much easier, considering there was no such thing as Facebook, texting or even bathing. By the …
Chelsie Hightower — Crush of the Day
What is it about dancers that drive us crazy? Their bodies? Their sweet moves? The fact that their sweet moves remind us that our go-to ‘Cabbage Patch’ dance really sucks? Even though we’ve been practicing since a time when people knew what the hell a Cabbage Pa…
The Pierces — Crushes of the Day
Is there anything hotter than a beautiful woman playing the guitar and singing her heart out? The answer is yes there is something hotter — TWO beautiful women singing and plaything the guitar. Introducing The Pierces, sultry singing sisters from Alabama that look just as good as they sound.
Nina Agdal — Crush of the Day
Nina Agdal is on our radar after having just been announced as the Sports Illustrated 2012 Rookie of the Year. Kudos to Sports Illustrated for coming up with what might be a more pointless award than a Daytime Emmy. But more kudos to Nina Agdal for being so damn hot.
Genesis Rodriguez — Crush of the Day
When your father’s nickname is ‘El Puma,’ and your mother is a Cuban model, it’s pretty much a guarantee you’re going to grow up to be either: A.) The Most Interesting Man in the World or B.) The Hottest Woman Alive. Lucky for us,…
Anjeanette Carter — Crush of the Day
Our ‘Crush of the Day,’ Anjeanette Carter, is pretty damn funny. Exhibit A is her Twitter account.
She is a popular blogger, a regular contributer to and tweeter from Los Angeles and is rapidly gaining recognition due to her sarcastic and witty tweets...

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