Classic Video, Still Funny. Blind Date Fart in the Car. [VIDEO]
Sometimes you have to bring back the ultimate classic videos ever posted to YouTube. In this case, it's a must. We've all pushed out a quick air biscuit in private to avoid the pain of holding it, not chancing it releasing at the wrong time. Word to the wise...scan the area before dropping…
The 5 Ways to Fart In Front of Your Girlfriend
Hanging around with your girlfriend, especially when the relationship is new, often involves an air of mystery hanging above as you both slowly begin to shed the getting-to-know-you mentality and slide in to the phase in which you both start to relax and show your new significant other the "…
And Now . . . 22 Terms For Farting
Two guys recently wrote a book on farting . . . yes, really . . . and it has a list of 150 different terms that people can use for passing gas.  Including:  Baking brownies, booty belch, get out and walk Donald, trouser cough, and testing in the Levi wind tunnel.