How Bad Is It to Hold In Your Pee?
We've all been there -- you've got to go to the bathroom, but, for one reason or another, you just can't.
Is keeping it in such a bad thing?
When you have to relieve yourself, it feels like everything is the sound of water pouring or a hose spraying water, but you do what you must to ma…
The Word ‘Fart’ is Boring. Let’s Start Changing It Up.
Everybody farts, it's human nature, but why be boring and call it a "fart" every time you say it? Over the next week your task is to replace the word "fart" with one from this alternate list of the word. You'll be the life of the party, and will feel so much more intell…
Email in Real Life [VIDEO]
What would happen if everyone at work talked to each other in real life the same way they talk to each other in emails? Watch.

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