Late Night TV

Watch People Try The “As Seen on TV” Products [VIDEO]
Do you ever have the urge to buy that crap you see on infomercials late at night?  If so the you're not alone, I've bought so much stuff I don't even want to think about it.  What makes it worse is that the crap you buy usually doesn't work the way they sell it to you o…
Arsenio Hall Will Return to Late Night
Arsenio first hit the late night airwaves back in 1989 and he was a huge hit. In an era when Johnny Carson had ruled late night television for nearly 30 years, Arsenio came along and shook things up - now he's coming back to do it again.
David Letterman Set to Break Late Night TV Record
CBS’s late night schedule is set for the next couple years. On Monday the network announced that ‘The Late Show’ host David Letterman and ‘The Late, Late Show’ headman Craig Ferguson have both had their contracts renewed through 2014.
When he completes his new contract, Letterman will have been a lat…