Metal After Midnight: Sinner “Diary Of Evil”
"Sinner" is a German band that has been around since the 80's by Mat Sinner, who has kept the project going for around three decades now.  I call it a "project" because Mat is the only consistency in the band over the years.
Metal After Midnight: Van Halen “Unchained”
Van Halen has always been known as more of a "Party Rock" band than Metal, but their style, larger-than-life persona, massive arena shows, and of course Eddie's guitar was a very influential force on Heavy Metal.  Thousands of kids picked up the guitar because of Eddie, h…
Metal After Midnight: Ozzy Osbourne “Shot In The Dark”
Ozzy Osbourne... what can you say that hasn't been said.  The fact that he's still alive is amazing in itself.   He's smoked, injected and drank just about everything.  He's bit the heads off a bird and possibly a bat.  His first run with Black Sabbath helped …