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Roger Waters Responds to Star of David Controversy
Roger Waters is fighting back after being called "an open hater of Jews." In an open letter to fans, the Pink Floyd singer refutes Rabbi Abraham Cooper's claims following Waters' use of the Star of David on a pig during a July 18 show in Belgium.
Roger Waters on Pink Floyd: ‘It Was Over in 1985′
Former Pink Floyd maestro Roger Waters may be riding high with a hugely successful touring version of 'The Wall,' but that doesn't mean he would ever consider touring with his former band again. In a recent interview, the singer-songwriter and bass player spoke succinctly about the ma…
Syd Barrett – ‘The Madcap Laughs’ (1970) [VIDEO]
Syd Barrett, YouTube 
In 1968 when Syd left Pink Floyd he started right away working on his debut solo album, 'The Madcap Laughs', however; the production of it went through many producers and with all the hiatuses Syd took (one of which for psychiatric care) the album wasn't rele…
Roger Waters Adds New Song to ‘The Wall’
Since its release in 1979, Pink Floyd's 'The Wall' has journeyed all over the world, playing to audiences during numerous tours (and even being turned into a movie). But through all its guises, the album's song cycle has remained essentially the same -- until recently, that is.

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