With the first Vikings/Packers game of the season coming up this Sunday at TCF Bank Stadium, and Thanksgiving lurking just around the corner -- I thought it appropriate to show some gratitude with ten reasons to be thankful we're Vikings fans. Skol (and pass the turkey).

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    Randy Moss Highlight Reel

    Try to find a better highlight reel for a wide receiver. I'll save you the time; there isn't one.

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    You Don't Have To Wear Foam Cheese On Your Head

    That’s nice that you want to wear foam cheese on your head, but couldn't you just get up a little earlier and fix your Wisconsin hair? And that cheese will never be as cool as a helmet with Viking horns.

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    You Know How To Handle Disappointment

    Some teams have been winning for so long that the slightest letdown tears them apart at the seams. Not us. We are well trained at handling gut-wrenching disappointment like no one else -- making us damn resilient.

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    The Lambeau Leap

    It's a long-misunderstood NFL myth that the Lambeau Leap is a touchdown celebration. Not true. The players are actually trying to escape -- hoping to seek asylum in Minnesota, but are almost always unceremoniously pushed back down to the field.

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    You Will Call U.S. Bank Stadium Home

    It's funny how some people thinly veil watching football in minus 20˚ temps as 'toughness.' Here in Minnesota, the 2nd smartest state in the country (Washington Post), we prefer to watch football in a new state-of-the-art facility.

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    Way Cooler To Dress Up As A Viking Than A Packer

    It's much more fun to dress as a pillaging Viking, with a helmet, horns, armor, shield, and a sword -- as opposed to dressing up like a 'fierce' Packer (whatever that even looks like). You do have that cheese though.

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    Adrian Peterson Highlight Reel

    Seriously, has any back had more highlight-worthy runs than Adrian Peterson? (Since they're not Packers I will give some much-due recognition to Barry Sanders & Walter Payton here.) Two words: All Day.

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    No Big, Annoying Clunky Rings

    I mean that kind of jewelry just gets in the way. Your hands get sore from carrying around all that weight, and passing through airports is nothing but a great big hassle.

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    Purple & Gold Is A Beautiful Color Combo

    Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. How those people on the other side of the St. Croix have any self-respect is beyond me.

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    The Future

    In the short-term you're looking at a Vikings team that has struggled for a while, but has won five in a row -- and a Packers team that has had success, but has lost three in a row. Looking at the long-term, the Vikings are one of the youngest teams in the league. Catch all your favorite Packers moments tonight on the History Channel.

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