45 years ago would put us in 1969, the year we raced to space with the Soviet Union, also months prior to Woodstock. Celebrating 45 years with classic rock releases.

We were literally rocked by Woodstock an event that will forever make an impact on us. 1969 was a very good year for what would become classic rock bands. The Flying Burrito Brothers came of age with their debut album, Jefferson Airplane brought us their first 'live' album and for success stories this was just the beginning.

Ten years After released their second album titled 'Stonedhenge' followed that album up with live shows two being of which were The Seattle Pop Festival and The Newport Jazz Festival. Woodstock brought this band alive when the film and soundtrack featured "I'm Going Home."

The Flying Burrito Brothers debut album was 'The Gilded Palace of Sin'. That group featured former members of The Byrds, Chris Hillman and Gram Parsons. Not much of a commercial success but they did influence bands like The Eagles and Wilco.

Other bands celebrating are:

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