Missed the Grammy Awards? Me, too, so I took it upon myself to scour the Earth for all the Grammy news that's fit to print. You're welcome. 

Paul McCartney and Neil Young both snagged some heavy metal last night. Paul took home Grammy gold for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance for "Helter Skelter". Jeff Beck won for Best Rock Instrumental Performance for "Hammerhead" off Emotion & Commotion. Neil Young took home a Grammy for Best Rock Song for "Angry World" off his latest record Le Noise. The Best Metal Performance Award went to Iron Maiden. (A metal group actually won the metal Grammy - FINALLY!) Them Crooked Vultures scored a Best Hard Rock Performance Grammy for"New Fang". Why did I include Them Crooked Vultures? Because this group includes John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin fame and they're awesome. That's why.

Mick Jagger also made an appearance during the "In Memoriam" section, paying tribute to Solomon Burke who passed away in October. This was Jagger's first time performing live on the Grammy stage. The last time the Stones performed on the Grammy Awards was back in 1986 when Eric Clapton present them with the Lifetime Achievement Award. They did perform, but it was live via satellite.

Bob Dylan did a reprisal of his 1965 song, "Maggie's Farm" and brought it to a whole new audience. He teamed up with the Avett Bros. and Best New Artist nominees Mumford & Sons. That was the sixth time the Minnesota native had graced the Grammy stage with his presence. One of the most notable times was back in 1998 when a performance artist by the name of Michael Portnoy rushed the stage sans shirt with the words "Soy Bomb" scribbled across his chest.

I would like to thank the Grammy people for actually getting it right this year and for keeping the "veteran" rockers in the spotlight.