It might help to know these things before you dine out. A lot of the servers left blogs on Reddit.

There's at least 10 good ones that the wait staff find rather annoying. Having been in the food industry I can concur.

  1. Whatever you do 'don't stack your plates', their busing of tables simplifies things for them, not your trying to help.
  2. Keep the unruly kids at home please. Servers shouldn't have to babysit your kids and if the kids are at a different table. it's tough enough for them to have to determine who's kids are with what parent's bill when it comes to serving the orders.
  3. 'Don't play with your trash' i.e. putting straw wrappers in your glass. That's a pain, ask any dishwasher. Look at the mess when customers tear up coasters.
  4. Don't use gestures to the wait staff while on your cell phone, they aren't experts in deciphering your codes. Put the phone away, wait staff get worried they might spill something on it if it's on the table.
  5. Avoid asking for a different table, it ruins their seating charts and rotation. They will try their best to accommodate you as best they can.
  6. Try not to come in right before they close. Servers are in closing mode and while customers sit and gab they have to wait for you to leave. They would love to go home to.
  7. 'Don't tip based on a discounted bill' like using a coupon. They live off the tips not their hourly wage. If the service sucks better to tip off that regardless the size of the bill. Tip based on the original total, service, etc...
  8. When tipping they would prefer cash not biblical literature.
  9. Don't neglect your allergies, the staff know the menu and can recommend an alternative. Be up front on that sort of thing. It's your health.
  10. PLEASE don't make a mess in the bathroom!!! You might not have to clean it but someone does.