The lead singer of The Troggs lead singer has passed away.

According to the BBC, the lead singer of the 60's group The Troggs has died at his home in Britain.

Reg Presley’s daughter Karen says that her father died at his home in Hampshire, England. He had been suffering from a number of health related issues recently. In 2010, Reg had a major stroke and then in December of 2011, Reg was hospitalized after what doctors thought was a mild stroke and he was also diagnosed with pneumonia and had fluid around his heart. Reg had recently had a succession of small strokes before he died.

His publicist Keith Altham said that Reg was a “very real person in a sometimes very unreal world” and that he will “miss him hugely.”

Reg sang for the group for 40 years before hanging it up in January of last year after he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Reg Presley was 71.