Minnesotans are so predictable once the weather hits over 70 degrees!

How many of these are you guilty of doing?

There's no doubt Minnesotans get cabin fever over the winter. So once the weather hits over 70 degrees, you can expect to see people doing these behaviors:

  • Winter coats get stored away permanently, even if it's supposed to get cold again in a few days.
  • Socks get traded in for flip flops.
  • Men flash us with their reflective white legs wearing shorts.
  • Motorcycles and hot rods come out to play.
  • Women finally shave their legs.
  • Kids fill the neighborhood parks until sunset - every day.
  • Cars get cleaned out for the first time in 6 months.
  • People find any excuse to be outside just a little bit longer.
  • Everyone chooses to eat on the patio while out to eat.
  • People realize they need to get beach-body ready, NOW.

I can honestly say, I am guilty of over 95% of these.