Minnesota makes national news at times, but nothing close to the attention these 5 things brought across the entire country with complete suspense.

The events listed below are extremely memorable to most US adults, especially if you're from here. Not all of them happened in our time, but certainly lives on through today.

1862 - On December 26th, the largest mass execution in US history took place in Mankato. President Lincoln ordered the execution of 38 members of the Sioux Indian tribe after the famous Sioux Uprising.

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.

1965 - St. Cloud experienced 69 consecutive days below zero, setting a US record. The record was repeated in 1979.

Spencer Platt, Getty Images

1996 - On February 2nd, Tower set the record for the coldest air temperature ever recorded in the US, a whopping -60 below zero.


1969 - The Mayo Clinic in Rochester performed the first successful full hip replacement.

Google Earth

2007 - August 1st, while resurfacing construction was being performed on the 35W bridge in Minneapolis, it collapsed over the Mississippi River in the middle of rush hour. 13 people were killed and 145 injured.

Scott Schneider/Getty Images

Source: Only In Your State

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