The Minnesota Vikings have not given their Millennial fans much to cheer about in the last couple of decades. Here's my list of the top seven worst moments in recent team history.

1. 1999 NFC Championship- Vikings lose to Atlanta 30-27 in overtime despite a 15-1 record during the regular season. Gary Anderson, previously 35-35 in field goals during the season and had made 46 straight dating back to the previous year, famously missed a kick with just over two minutes remaining that would have sealed the win and a trip to the Super Bowl for Minnesota.

2. 2009 NFC Championship- With the game tied at 28 and under :30 left on the clock in the fourth quarter the Vikings faced a 3rd and 15 from the Saints 38 yard line. Vikings quarterback Brett Favre rolled to his right and inexplicably threw across his body toward Sidney Rice, who could only watch as the ball was intercepted by Tracy Porter. The Vikings went on to lose the game in overtime.

3. Love Boat- Several Vikings, including the starting quarterback and many other starters, rented two houseboats and set sail on Lake Minnetonka on October 6, 2005. Seems harmless enough, right? Wrong. The Vikings players allegedly hired prostitutes from Atlanta and Florida for the excursion and committed several lewd acts in front of the boat's crew. We still haven't heard the end of the "Love Boat" jokes, and it has been eight years.

4. Favres pictures- Almost five years to the day after the Love Boat scandal, a newer and grosser scandal emerged: Quarterback Brett Favre had allegedly sent pictures of his nether regions to Jets employee Jenn Sterger via picture messages. Some of the messages went public and I guess you could say it wasn't a very big deal.

5. 2001 NFC Championship- The Vikings entered the Meadowlands as favorites over the New York Giants but lost by a humiliating 41-0 final score. The Giants turned the opening kickoff into a long touchdown drive, then capitalized on a Moe Williams fumble on the ensuing kickoff to take a 14-0 lead before Daunte Culpepper, Randy Moss and co. even stepped on the field.

6. Vikings Trade Randy Moss- Notorious penny-pinching owner Red McCombs dumped the best wide receiver in the NFL in the prime of his career simply to save a buck as he tried (unsuccessfully) to sell the team to Reggie Fowler. The Vikings received a peasant's ransom in return for the singular talent of Moss: failed linebacker Napoleon Harris and the #7 overall pick in the 2004 draft, which turned out to be Troy "Stonehands" Williamson. The Vikings have been searching for a top wide receiver in the decade since to no avail, even briefly re-acquiring Moss in 2010.

7. Metrodome Roof Collapse- The roof of the Metrodome collapsed due to heavy snow in December 2010, forcing the Vikings to play a game against the Giants at Detroit's Ford Field and another game against the Bears at the outdoor home of the Minnesota Golden Gopher football team.