I'd love to interview Slash and he does grant interviews, but apparently there are rules.

Apparently, the New Zealand Herald said they recently did an interview with Slash, but were handed a list of rules of what they could and couldn't talk about.

One of the rules is that it's OK to ask about Guns n' Roses, but don't expect an in depth tell all answer. Guns n' Roses is a topic that Slash will "briefly touch on." He will also "briefly discuss" the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, but not the performance, Axl Rose's absence or the ceremony as a whole. Along that same line, you may not ask about "Axl whatsoever" and the band is not getting back together, so don't even ask.

At one point in time, Guns n' Roses was the biggest band in the world, so it's likely that there were some shenanigans, but unless you were there, you're never going to hear about them as 'on the road' or mud shark stories are also off limits.

So,what can you talk about? Slash's new album, tour, or anything that he's doing right now in the present.

Knowing what you can and can't talk about, would this make you less likely to want to hang out and jam with him? If you could ask him questions, what would you ask? I'd ask how many hats he has, what type of conditioner he uses and if his hair has ever caught fire.

He'd probably hang up on me.