This video is the perfect example of how we are doomed as humans. Not because just about EVERY KID WIPES OUT as they come to this corner perfectly iced over. No it's not a testament to our stupidity as humans for not recognizing we need to tread lightly when dangerous situations arise.

No. It's because we're all laughing so damn hard with this father and eventually his son who joins him, reveling at the unintentional slapstick. It's literally almost five minutes straight of hilarious slippage by innocent children. What could be more funny damning than that?

The biggest laugh? Just as the video ends the kid says "We're kind of bad people.", and the two of them guffaw in joy at the realization just as the last two kids nail it back to back.

This video has already been shared over 220,000 times on Facebook alone.

Doomed I say. Doomed.