Facebook has implemented whats called a ‘Privacy Checkup’ initiative to select users, the whole idea is to educate about the different options of privacy available on FB.

How it works: You get a Privacy Checkup if your account is set to post publicly if your settings have you sharing beyond your group of FB friends. Upon sharing with the public, your account may get the following advisory pop-up: “Sorry to interrupt. You haven’t changed who can see your posts lately, so we just wanted to make sure you’re sharing this post with the right audience.”

The pop-up gives you the option to change your privacy settings so you post to just your FB friends.

One thing FB has learned is that its customer base no longer wishes to share everything with the world. By making it easier to control who sees what you post.

It's recommended that you take your family’s privacy in your own hands. Make a habit of reviewing your Facebook privacy settings

Teach your kids what’s acceptable to be shared and with whom. Social media can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember: One wrong status update could be costly to you or your children.

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