You'd think band members would want to meet the people that made them a success, but one rock star says he doesn't want to do them because he "doesn't agree" with it.

If you're getting your face melted off by Motley Crue this summer at Moondance Jam, you may be thinking "Gosh, I'd love to meet those guys." You'll be sorely disappointed if you were hoping to meet drummer Tommy Lee.

Tommy is not going to participate in any more fan meet and greets, but the reason behind it isn't because he's a diva. It's because he "doesn't agree" with fans having to pay to meet him. Or something.

Tommy went on a rant on the group's Facebook page saying that, "For those of you that are asking why I'm not doing any fan meet and greets: It's got nothing to do with me not meeting the fans. I just don't agree with doing it under the certain given circumstances. I love you all and I'll gladly high-five y'all if I see you out and about and you won't have to pay me for that."

There was a little bit of a blow up recently because someone at a funeral home ran in to Tommy and asked for his autograph as he was picking up his mother's cremated remains, so if he seems like he's grief-stricken, that's probably not a good time to ask. But any other time is OK. Tommy also made news last summer after a rant saying that he wasn't going to take any more pictures with fans saying that he owes his fans, "nothing." Looks like he may have had a change of heart.

Is there anything worse than meeting your favorite artist only to find out they're an a-hole? I met a group once and I was set to introduce them on stage and the lead singer was such a jerk, I stopped playing their music. I also took the time to remind them that they had food on their table and clothes on their back because of radio and I never, ever played their songs again.

Hopefully, someone talks Tommy out of this latest rant.