Maybe this a topic that should be thought out better before we put these cars on the street, you think?

If it's the robot cars fault, how does that work? Will your insurance have to have underwriters come and re-word your policy so you're covered?

Honestly not sure if robots are granted legal personhood considering the fact that robots aren't people. This no doubt will bring up question after question.

The more we rely on robots, the more we are seriously going to think about assigning them a role in the law.

If we never define robots as entities that have certain legal rights and obligations, it will be very difficult to use them effectively.

The tool that we have for assigning those things is legal personhood.

Maybe the robot cars should only be allowed and operated in certain zones. As the future unfolds, we will see and experience new ways of life we never thought possible. The days of flying cars, smart houses, and yes robots are just around the corner so be ready.

Laws need to be established for the changes before these things take place or we're screwed.

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