Just finished watching what I would have to say was the best game of the season by the Minnesota Wild.  Even better it was against the top team in the NHL.  

If you missed tonight's game you are gonna be pissed!  I think this was the best game I have seen all year.  Not only that but it was against a tough Boston Bruins team that ranks number 1 in the whole NHL.

The Wild have been playing some awesome hockey lately and the timing couldn't be better.  If we can keep this momentum alive we can cause some serious damage in the playoffs.  Oh yeah, in case you didn't know we clinched the top wild card spot with the authoritative win tonight and the Phoenix loss.

The Wild actually trailed 3-2 going into the third period and as the period slipped away it didn't look good.  They played so well against Boston all game I thought a loss would kill me.  Luckily Suter tied the game with only a couple minutes left and I knew we were gonna win.

Once in the OT the Wild put the pressure on.  They had more than four legit scoring chances that should have iced the game.  Rask was hot in net all game for the Bruins and wasn't letting up without a fight.  Naturally this game was gonna come down to a shootout and our destiny was in the hands of our captain Mikko Koivu.  His wicked backhand shot in the shootout is almost unstoppable, and tonight it was.  Koivu's goal in the shootout was the clincher tonight.

The Wild are now 5-0-1 in the last six games and against great teams too.

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