William Shatner is a singer, in case you didn't know and he claims that his 1968 album was misunderstood and was not allowed to properly promote the record. Now that he has been killed off as The Priceline Negotiator, he's back to singing.

William Shatner was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to explain that for his appearance on The Tonight Show, he was going to perform the Beatles' hit, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, but producers told him that there wasn't enough time allowed for him to do the entire six minute piece.

He said that Johnny Carson was looking on with confusion and disbelief because he says Carson had no idea what was going on and it was that singular incident that brought his recording career to a screeching halt. It took several years before Shatner got in front of the microphone again and recorded his 2004 album called Has Been.

Shatner is currently on tour performing his one man show called Shatner's World and will stop at The Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis March 15.