Bob Dylan. His name evokes many emotions in many of us. Some say he's the best songwriter of a generation. Some say he's timeless. Bob doesn't mount major tours very often. He seems to prefer smaller venues or outdoor shows (at least when he comes to MN), so when he booked this concert at the Xcel Energy Center for November 7th, many of us were taken off guard. To further surprise and delight us, Bob has asked Dire Straits' guitar legend and front-man Mark Knopfler to accompany him on this tour. From videos we've found on YouTube, they play several songs together, including Knopfler's  So Far Away.

His new album, 'Tempest' has been called his best in the past 20 years, but really, we heard that about 2001's Love and Theft and then again with 06's Modern Times. This time out, his voice is a tad more gravely, the songs, a tad more roots.

As a native Minnesotan, we have a special affinity for Bob, and that's why The LOON is giving you the opportunity to see Bob Dylan and His Band with guest Mark Knopfler on Wednesday November 7th. For more on the concert and to buy tickets click here.

Starting Monday October 22nd, listen to The LOON between 9am and 8pm for The LOON Ticket Window to open, When you hear it play on-air, be the 10th caller on the studio line (320.257.1037) and you're going to the show. You can get an extra edge by listening to Baxter's Morning SideShow. Every morning around 8:20 Baxter will give you the heads up as to what hour that day we'll open the Ticket Window.


If you're unfamiliar with what the Ticket Window sounds like, just click below to hear it.

Check out some of the new tunes from Bob's latest effort Tempest