It seems the trend these days is to have chickens in your backyard.  I know at least three people that have chickens in their yards for eggs, and to be honest i don't think I would be cool living next to them.  With the rising cost of food these days people are resorting to raising their own chickens.  Normally this wouldn't be an issue, except that this is now happening within the city limits.  My aunt and uncle live in Anoka and have chickens in their yard.  It's actually kinda weird.

This was just the debate Tuesday night in St Cloud during a Planning Commission meeting.  Unfortunately for the supporters of this they didn't get any additional support from the commission, which means the commission did not recommend that this go to the city council for a vote.

The city council has the ultimate vote on whether the ordinance should be changed, but as it is now chickens are only allowed in agricultural and rural residential zoned areas.