In the kid's defense, at least he didn't wake his parents on a Sunday night to go get him some Cheerios. But he must have real had a terrible craving for the cereal to take the drastic measures he took that night.

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A 10 year old kid from Stillwater police on a chase, driving his parents minivan on Sunday night.  The boy claimed he took the van and was on a quest to score some Cheerios.  Understandable, right?

He might have completed his mission but Stillwater Police spotted the 10 year old in the minivan around 9:30 Sunday night.  The kid wasn't about to scrap his mission and took off, leading Stillwater Police on a chase with speeds reaching up to 50 mph.

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At one point during the chase, the kid actually drove the minivan though an intersection in reverse.  That's right, in reverse. Tricky, "Hey coppers, which way am I going now?"

Seems the boy had a fairly valid excuse.  He was headed to Target or a co-op in downtown Stillwater to score a box of Cheerios for breakfast.  I personally, must commend the lad for being so self sufficient and taking it upon himself to make sure there were Cheerios for his breakfast in the morning.

The kid's parents told the police that they were both asleep when the boy took the van on his little errand.  They told police that they had absolutely no idea that the van was missing and that the boy had taken it.

I'm guessing these parents will make sure they are all stocked up on Cheerios in the future.

And congrats to the kid for scoring his very first police chase at the young age of 10.

(Jim Monk/KVRR)

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