Three weeks ago, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced a "pause" on bars, restaurants, gyms and youth sports. This was because of the rise in COVID cases across the state.  He stated that this was an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, and that the data had shown that many of the cases were traced back to those businesses.

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This week, the "pause" is set to expire, on the 18th, to be exact.  But, on Wednesday of this week, two days prior, Gov Walz is going to announce what the plan is going further.  Reports have said that the thought is that there may be a change to gyms and youth sports, but that the restrictions to bars and restaurants will most likely be extended for another 30 days.  We won't know for sure until Wednesday, but that is the information that has been given so far.

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Along with the announcement on a possible continuation  on the state restriction, is also the plan on a stimulus package for businesses.  This will help, but ultimately, owners have said that they need to be open in order to "make it".

There is a Facebook group called "ReOpen Minnesota Coalition".  There are about 150 Minnesota businesses that are set to reopen this week regardless of the plan that Governor Walz is set to put in place.  They are aware of the fact that they could be penalized for the reopen, but say that it's worth the risk.

We will know for sure later this week on what the plan is, but for now, many business owners are getting anxious about what is to come.

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