I can't quite put my finger on when it became such a priority to research and find out where it's safest to live. I've lived in a few big cities and safety really was never an issue. I'll amend that with, until I had kids. Things changed.

The last decade or so, it seems that the world has gone a little crazy.  Shootings, muggings, car jackings, just to name a few, seemed to increase by a lot and have made it a priority to research and try and settle somewhere where you'll feel relatively safe.

A website called Safewise.com put together rankings of the 20 safest cities in Minnesota to live in. All in all, Minnesotans are less worried about their safety than the average American according to Safeway.

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Even though Minnesotans are less worried about their personal safety, Safewise says "survey participants noted an increase in personal experiences with violent crime and gun violence in the last 12 months."


The city of Big Lake made number 6 on the list of safest cities in Minnesota. I've spent a little time there and it has that small town feeling going for it. Cold Spring/Richmond landed at number 7 on the list.

Here's the complete list and rankings put out by Safeway;

1) Elko New Market

2) Cocoran

3) Dayton

4) West Hennepin

5) La Crescent

6) Big Lake

7) Cold Spring/Richmond

8) Minnetrista

9) Belle Plaine

10) Farmington

11) Orono

12) Northfield

13) Jordan

14) Wyoming

15) Rosemount

16) Lino Lakes

17) New Ulm

18) Lakeville

19) Chaska

20) Medina

I realize some really like the hustle, bustle and energy of the big city but there's a lot to be said for smaller communities.  Each of these 20 cities were below average for violent and property crime in Minnesota.

Minnesota ranks 12th lowest in violent crime and 25th lowest in property crime, which means these 20 Minnesota cities are among the safest in the nation.

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