We are in about week 6 of the second shut down of bars and restaurants in Minnesota.  I really don't know of anyone who is happy about this shut down, and the Minnesota Department of Health says that it is a necessary action to slow the continual spread of the coronavirus.  Whether or not everyone agrees with this isn't the question.  The issue is that Governor Walz has issued the mandate, and of course this puts people out of work.

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There is a Facebook group called the ReOpen Minnesota Coalition.  They are pushing businesses to reopen and to just go against the mandate in order to put people back to work and hopefully save their business. Right now the group has almost 30 thousand followers.  Even though there are so many people who agree with opening businesses in Minnesota back up, it doesn't negate the fact that there is a mandate to remain closed until the MDH deems it safe to reopen for business.

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There are two restaurants in Minnesota that were inspected within the last couple of weeks and were found to be serving beverages and/or inside food service.

MDH says that Long Pine Store was found to be open for "beverage consumption" during an inspection on Dec. 18, with the cease-and-desist and notice of license suspension issued on Dec. 24.

The Long Pine Store in Pine River wasn't the only place that was cited.  The MDH also held an inspection of Jamieson's on Main and was also found to be in violation of the mandate.

An inspection at Jamieson's on Main was carried out on Dec. 21 and was also found to be open for the consumption of food.

We all hope that this shut down ends sooner than later.  Right now it is set to be in place until the 11th of January.  Let's hope that it isn't extended for a third time.  According to Bring Me the News, the MDH has made this statement:

"Our preference is always to work with businesses to bring them into compliance, and we consider regulatory actions as a last resort. The vast majority of businesses are doing their best to help slow down the spread of COVID-19, and we owe it to them to have a consistent and fair enforcement approach.”

Until that time, please support local business and order some take out.  We ALL want these businesses to still be around when this is over...and eventually it will be.



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