I have a feeling most of us will refer to 2020 as "The year that never was".  Cancellation after cancellation. Travel is a hassle and hardly worth it because where do you go? The entire planet has been affected and if there is an end in sight, it's pretty blurry.

McDonalds Open For Drive-thru Orders Only During Coronavirus Pandemic
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Like some businesses are doing with the temperature taking at the door, will this be the new norm for just about every public place?  I just made a doctor's appointment and they gave me the choice of in office or video check up. Also they will take my temperature before I'm even allowed in the building.

Being a music lover, I was really looking forward to this year because of the many concerts that were scheduled. "Were" being the operative word. Just about every great classic rock artist still working was going make an appearance in Minnesota.

Sherburne and Benton County Fairs are both cancelled for this Summer. No word yet on Moondance Jam, but I can't imagine that 25 thousand people are going to be allowed to gather this year.

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I happen to be in that upper age group with an underlying medical condition, so i will continue to be vigilant and stay as safe as possible from this nasty virus.  I've never been a big fan of big groups of people, so social distancing won't be a big problem for me. Many people thrive on a lot of social interaction and I feel bad for those people.

Listen to the doctors and scientists who's only agenda is to keep us as healthy as possible. Try to avoid all the political commentary, easier said than done I know. Stay healthy and hope for a better 2021.


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