I think many of us spent way too much time staring at a screen, whether it be your phone, your laptop or even your TV.  Screen addiction has become a problem for many and could be seriously affecting other parts of your daily life.

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Here are 4 warning signs from Pew Research that you might be suffering from screen addiction;

  • Loss of interest in and/or focus on daily activities. If your kids would rather play video games, watch TV or surf the internet instead of playing outside, this can have adverse affects on them. An hour or more of screen time could affect their psychological well being, cause less curiosity, make them more easily distracted as well as, difficulty making friends and finishing tasks.
  • Real relationships take a backseat to real ones.  We sometimes feel the need to answer texts or emails while engaging with friends and family, not giving friends and family around you your attention.  If you are someone you know feels more connected to what's on their phone than the people around them, there may be a problem.
  • Too much screen time can cause depression.  If you notice an change in a person's personality it could be connected to too much screen time.
  • Narcissism.  Those who spend a lot of time on social media were more likely to show signs of narcistic behavior, according to Pew research.
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So, maybe you or someone you know are showing some of these characteristics, what do you do?  keep away from your phone as much as possible. Make "screen free" times and do other things like exercise, sports, hobbies, etc. Maybe hang out with friends and family more.  If your problem is serious enough, you may need some counseling.


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