Today marks forty seven years since the untimely death of The Doors front man, Jim Morrison at the age of 27.also known as The Lizard King and Mr Mojo Risin. The latter is the letters of his name rearranged.

The Doors
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Morrison died in the bath tub of an apparent heart attack. Seems odd that a 27 year old guy would have a heart attack. Yet, it was the age of indulgence, and I guess that may have been a contributor.

In dying, Morrison became a member of the infamous 27 Club. Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Morrison all dead at the age of 27.

I remember, there was some speculation that Morrison had faked his death to avoid jail time for his obscenity conviction in Miami. Morrison did seem like the type that might just disappear. To add to the theory, his common law wife, Pamela died a year or so later, fueling stories that the two of them were living underground.

No doubt Jim Morrison was a cultural icon and one can only wonder where his career and life would have gone under different circumstances.

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