It's time to get to that back to school shopping. Wow, it's really changed since I was a kid. I think my parents used to spend five dollars max on school supplies and maybe 50 dollars on back to school clothes. A few years ago, when my daughters were high school, I couldn't believe what I had to shell out.  School clothes came to over 600 dollars alone. School supplies required were almost as bad.  laptop, jump drives, notebooks (like about 10 of them). And many items that I never needed when I went to school. Granted that was a long, long time ago.


According to Nerdwallet, here are five suggestions that may save you some cash;

1 Shop on tax free holidays.  Unfortunately, Minnesota has no such thing but a trip to Wisconsin may be worth it if you can save enough.

2. Don't splurge.  Buy what is need at first and add on as the school year goes on.

3. Price match.  A lot of stores will match another's lower price.

4. Some school supply lists are pretty long and a lot of parents have the very same list as you. Band together and buy in bulk.

5. Wait to buy some items. Students don't need a year's worth of everything right away.

Hope this helps.

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