Up and Slightly Adam stopped by the Loon Studio this morning to fill us in on what movies are coming out this weekend. Looks like there is something for everyone, even the kids.

Up first we have "Angry Birds 2". A great one for the kids and adults would probably enjoy it, too. It's the birds vs the pigs and the birds are in need of a superhero.  Check out the trailer below

"Good Boys" a Seth Rogan film is about some coming of age boys gearing up to attend their first party. Convinced they need to learn how to kiss first, just in case they get lucky.  WARNING: Trailer contains adult language

Also showing is "47 Meters Down, Uncaged."  Like it's predecessor except no cages, just shark infested caves. Trailer below


When a teenage boy moves to America with his family, he finds Bruce Springsteen music helps him make the big adjustment.  Blinded by the Light" is touted to be the Film of the Year.  Trailer below

Also showing is "Where Did You Go, Bernadette?"  This one looks pretty good.

Don't forget about $6 Thursdays for students.

Get tickets online at marcustheaters,com or fandango.com

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Next up we hae a Seth Rogan film that is anything but run of the mill. "Good Boys" is about some coming of age jui

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