The COVID-19 Virus has been extremely hard on the restaurant business. When things finally start to loosen up and eating establishments began to reopen, there are a few things that you may never see again.

1) We've all become accustomed to arriving at our table and seeing a perfectly set table. Most likely, silverware will be wrapped or rolled.

Shelby Soblick

2) In order to cut down on the number of things customers might tough, the National Restaurant Association advises restaurants to remove unwrapped straws from self service drink stations and cream and sugar area in coffee shops.

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3) Menus that aren't made of paper or easily cleanable.

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4) A lot of us enjoy wandering up to the salad bar and making our own salads or dining at a buffet. These 2 things are likely to disappear for good.

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5) Lemons and Limes at drink stations. like unwrapped straws, the National Restaurant Association advises that cut fruit also be out of reach of bar and restaurant customers.

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(New York Times)

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