We talked to Kate from the Tri County Humane Society this morning about this weeks adoptable pet. Luna is a black lab/Retriever mix and needs a loving family and home.


Say hello to Luna! This beautiful lab was adopted and returned due to not getting along with a new baby in the home. Due to this, she should go to a home with no children. It is unknown how she would do living with cats, but she has lived with dogs in the past and done well with them.

Luna may play too rough for mellow or older dogs as she is very energetic and bouncy. All introductions to new family members should be slow and proper; ask a staff or volunteer for detailed tips. Luna was described as high-energy and will need lots of mental and physical exercise in her new home to keep her energy at bay.

A home with a fenced-in yard would be best for her to run off steam. Luna's favorite treats are Dentastixs. This gal is a strong chewer and will need plenty of durable toys (like Kongs and bones!) for her to fulfill her natural instinct. Luna does pull when on a leash, so we recommend an Emily Weiss Walkie and additional training to alleviate this.

Supplies and leashes can be purchased in our Re-Tail Shoppe. Luna will snuggle in bed with her humans if allowed. This black beauty loves attention from her people and can get stressed being left alone for long periods. Luna's ideal home would be with a family who has lots of time to give her.

Luna had accidents sometimes in her last home - it is recommended she be let outside on a consistent schedule to avoid this. Luna and her new humans would benefit from attending obedience training classes together to bond after adoption and further Luna's training. She currently weighs 52 pounds.

Donations and adoption fees help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries, micro-chipping, vaccinating, de-worming, any medical procedures and general care. DEPOSITS MAY BE PLACED ON ADOPTABLE ANIMALS by calling 320-252-0896

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