The overabundance of rain has affected communities throughout the Midwest. It sucks that we've gone from a drought directly to catastrophic flooding so quickly.

Valleyfair released a statement on Facebook yesterday.

Some things of note:

  • this is temporary
  • the rides were built with flooding in mind, so Valleyfair says that once the water recedes the rides will be ready to go
  • only 4-wheel drive vehicles with adequate ground clearance will be allowed to park in the grassy overflow lot
  • patrons can park at the Canterbury Park Overflow Lot and get shuttled to Valleyfair free of charge.
  • unless you also got ticket insurance, refunds are not being offered. You will be allowed the opportunity to choose a similarly-priced date. Use Valleyfair's Guest Portal for that.
  • wagons will not be allowed during the impacted operating days

Get more info and FAQs on Valleyfair's blog.

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