Aw, the weekend. That magical two days between work and more work. It promises to be a beautiful weekend in the St Cloud area this weekend. So often we get bogged down with thinking about returning to work on Monday. The weekends seem to go by in the blink of an eye. I've always thought the work week goes by in "microwave minutes" while the weekend goes by in "Snooze alarm minutes"

Here are 5 ways to make your weekend better;


1. Plan it out. I, personally am pretty bad at this. If you don't plan things, chances are yu will mess around watching TV or on the internet and the days will slip away.

2. Set aside a few hours on Saturday of Sunday for any chores that need to be done.  That way you can free up the rest of weekend for things that are more fun. This one is tough for me because my wife actually thinks chores are fun.

3. Do something over the weekend that you enjoy but never seem to have time for. Maybe do or watch some sporting event or practice an instrument. Maybe just read a book outside.

4. Encourage everyone to put away their electronic devices for the weekend. That'll be a tough one but quality of time will be much better.

5. Don't spend your Sunday night just dreading going back to work on Monday. Do something fun on Sunday night to take your mind off returning to work.

6. Don't drink too much. It's a shame to spend any of your weekend feeling like crap.

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