It's fun to look at houses that are so out of my price range that it will "never happen".  Like ever. Not even for the now rental price of $35K a month.  But, it's fun to look and think "what if".  Like what if I win the lottery?  I still don't think I would buy this house, but imagine if you could...that would be cool.  Maybe rent it out as a luxury VRBO.  That's an idea.

Anyway, this house reminds me if the Los Angeles "white box" ultra modern houses that you see if you watch any of those real estate shows on Bravo or HGTV.  Only this house isn't in L.A. It's in White Bear here in Minnesota.  And it's basically on it's own island.  Or at least a peninsula.

Might be hard to order any sort of delivery.... or how do you get your utilities?  I'm assuming they all have to be self-contained.  Although, if you can afford this house, you can probably afford all of the private utilities.  In other words - not city provided.

What if there is severe weather?  This house if really out in the open....literally on it's own island.  It seems very isolated.  Although, again, if you could afford this house it might be something that you would like - total privacy, with views from all angles.  The views are strong in this house.  Virtually every room has some great view of the lake.  There is even a window with a great view from the bathtub.  There is a great lack of window treatments as well, but the only place you would really need that is in the bedroom just so that the sun doesn't wake you up before you're ready.

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The garage is something else too.  It's a 6 car garage with glass doors.  I mean, you don't want to miss out on any views in the garage either, right?

One thing that I feel like is a design flaw would be the poles through the island in the kitchen.  Really?  I know you need support.  But why does it need to go right through the island?  I feel like that could have been rectified by a support beam or change the design of the kitchen so the pole wasn't running through the island.  Of course, that is just my opinion.

The primary bedroom closet is something to envy!  I love a walk in closet, but this thing is a walk in closet on steroids.  Amazing!  And with all of the shoe shelves.  I would be in closet heaven.

But why is everything so WHITE?  Can we get a little bit of color up in this thing?  As I said, this isn't L.A.

Check out the realtor photos.

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