Minnesota is already known for cold weather, 10,000+ lakes, mosquitoes (unfortunately) and now, let's add great restaurants to that list. That is much better than being known for a pesky mosquito.

Recently it was announced that the restaurant "White Horse" which is located downtown St. Cloud would be featured on a streaming channel "America's Best Restaurants".  It was great to hear that one of our favorite restaurants would be recognized as one of the best on a National level.

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Now, according to Bring Me the News, there are several other Minnesota restaurants that will be featured on the channel.  I'm just sad that it is only a streaming channel and not on regular network TV.  Maybe that's just me, but I feel like it should be featured on the Food Network or something.  It's great to have an online presence, but even better on a channel that is specifically featuring things for foodies on terrestrial television.

Anyway, each restaurant will have a couple of signature items from their restaurant on their featured episode.

These are the other 7 restaurants that will be featured on the channel:

These restaurants join the ones that had previously been announced:

If you are wondering where you can catch any of these episodes you can watch them on several online platforms such as YouTubeFacebookInstagram and TikTok channels.  You just need to search "America's Best Restaurants" and each restaurant will have a dedicated episode.  They are still in the process of filming.  They have already filmed at the White Horse here in St. Cloud.

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